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McAfee is a renowned antivirus solution when it comes to defending your computer from viruses, Trojans, worms, data or identity theft programs. However, you may experience a slowdown issue while surfing the internet, checking emails, or navigating from one program to another. During last few years the demand and use of McAfee antivirus Problems are mainly affected due to the obstacles associated with this once monarch, of the antivirus market. Of late, online McAfee Technical Support has come up to rescue the users.The list of the problems being usually faced by the customers is relatively higher than those with other antivirus brands available in the market, which is driving the McAfee users to change their commitments. McAfee Technical Support protects its customers who find themselves helpless dealing with this antivirus. To get rid of the slowdown problem, add a new RAM stick to your device. In other words, upgrade its hardware.

Main McAfee features of McAfee Antivirus are:

On Boot McAfee Scanner

Providing Spyware security


Site guide giving safety rating of the sites visited

Active System Guard ability

Adequate Protection

Maximum of these features make McAfee are unique from its counterparts. But somewhere these unique traits are also liable for the issues occurring to most of the users of this antivirus and forming functional problems with their system largely because of the lack of proper knowledge on the part of customers. The users try fixing them on their own and end up making the things more complicated.

Common problems caused are:-

Occupies ample space

First of all this antivirus is a heavy package which occupies a large space on the hard disk of its user, generally giving less space for other software installed on the computer. The home computers which are typically having less hard drive space are significantly affected by this heavy antivirus series.

Secondly, its device usage is quite high which takes a large space of RAM (Random Access Memory) resulting in slowing down the computer equivalent to hang.

Clashes with another antivirus program

Your device may slow down drastically if your system has different antivirus software along with McAfee, it is because two antivirus programs always clash with each other as they try to fetch files concurrently for your PC. Always remove the other antivirus program to make sure that McAfee runs peacefully and appropriately on your computer.


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